Heartstrings Verse - Summary: “What do you know about sex?”

Warnings: mentions of past sexual experiences (consensual)

A/N: It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise.

He’s tried to get Blaine to stop staring at him. He can’t. He’s tried to scare him, tried to throw him off, but -

Blaine sits there, back straight and eyes wide, never looking away from him.

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glorious mind fuck 


This video thoooo

HOLY SHIT. That was so hot…. First I cringed when she started cutting the hair, but then…


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!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn



Rotatable 3D models for artists

Includes torso, head, foot, and various hand poses - select from menu on the right!

Hahaha—reblog comic about having trouble drawing hands, follow up by reblogging 3d rotatable resources for people who have trouble drawing hands.

Anonymous asked:
Hi there! Okay, you're an expert with the movie so I'll ask you something. I've been searching for that song FOREVER and I'm desperate. Would you be able to help me find the song/music playing when Rose & Jack are going down the grand staircase (on the D deck) RIGHT before she tells him who is who ? (You know, when she goes ''That's John Jacob Astor, the richest man on the ship''... bla bla bla? BIG thanks!


If i’m not mistaken, the piece you’re referring to is Song Without Words.


Have spent at least 8 years trying to find this short melody that has enchanted me since I first watched the movie. No version has ever been released in any of the soundtracks so I don’t know if it even has a name. It plays throughout various scenes in the movie but, most notably, as Rose get’s ready for Jack to draw her. 

You can download it [here] because I know for a fact, from years of searching, that I’m not the only one who’s been looking for this. 


An Alternate Titanic Theme. After hearing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for so many years, this is kind of refreshing and it absolutely fits the mood of the film. Sure it’s fan-made and it is very short, but it’s still really mesmerizing.

Finn Hudson  I Don't Want to Know [Finn's Solo Version] (Glee Cast Version)




so this is what i’m calling a best of album from the listen up. it contains a version of every song that darren has done on the listen up tour, including the song that changes every show. all links to sources can be found in the show’s original masterpost or the little x next to the song. the songs are: of life - indianapolis // 2. i still think - ann arbor // 3. any of those things - chicago // 4. sami - san francisco // 5. picture perfect - san francisco // 6. words - dallas // 7. not alone - boston (x) // 8. human - san francisco // 9. don’t you - dallas // 10. two of us (with chuck) - san francisco // 11. (i left my heart) in san francisco - san francisco // 12. sophomore - los angeles // 13. part of your world - anaheim // 14. granger danger - dallas // 15. one fine day - houston // 16. i don’t mind - nashville // 17. heroes (with chord) - nashville // 18. categories - indianapolis // 19. good ol’ moon - chicago // 20. high school rockout - minneapolis // 21. it’s over now - toronto // 22. the muse (with charlene) - ann arbor // 23. goin’ back to hogwarts - ann arbor // 24. status quo - cleveland // 25. tu vuo fa l’americano - huntington (x// 26. going away to college - huntington (x// 27. modern nature/dress and tie - new york (x// 28. manhattan - new york (x// 29. new morning (with chuck) - new york (x// 30. coolest girl - philadelphia (x// 31. skin and bones (with charlene) - boston (x// 32. hey dragon - boston (x) // 33. bring it on home to me - silver spring (x) // 34. days of summer - silver spring (x) // have a home - ann arbor // 36. pheromones - cleveland // 37. once upon a time - chicago // 38. teenage dream - philadelphia (x// 39. stutter - new york (x// 40. circle of life (reprise) - dallas

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